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                                                                                                     June 13, 2016

Dear Patient Family

This may be one of the more difficult letters I have had to write.

Due to some medical complications and my deep desire to finish out my career working for the underprivileged families in our world I will be closing my Dr. Tom Child and Adolescent Medicine practice in Los Alamos on September 15, 2016. It is not yet clear where this path will take me but I will let you know when decisions have become clearer for our family.

Below you will find a list of Pediatric and Family Practice physicians and practices who are currently accepting new patients. With electronic records and your personal patient portal, your children’s records can be easily accessed.

For those who already have access, simply sign on and print or download to your personnel electronic device. If there is a question regarding access or the link is required, our staff can send it directly to your email upon request. In addition, if you notice there is something you are unable to access, someone in the office can give you step-by-step instructions. Nadine has diligently worked at inputting each child’s immunization record in our system. If you find that it is not, please call the office and it will be taken care of.

You have touched my life profoundly and it has been my humble honor to have cared for your children. I will miss you greatly and I appreciate your acceptance and understanding of this change. I sincerely hope that wherever you end up seeking medical care, you and your children will always have a true medical home. It has been a genuine privilege to serve you and your wonderful children.

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. Tom

•  Dr. Jaqueline Krohn – 662-9620

•  MANNM (over 10 yr olds) – 661-8900

•  Dr. Ross Bridge (over 12 yr olds) – 662-4351

•  Childrens Clinic – 662-4234